Version's history
List of all Releases' Notes
December 2005
LaymanPro v4.1h fixes a number of minor issues related to AutoCAD 2004-2006.
July 2003
Starting with new service release v.4.1g LaymanPro now supports AutoCAD 2004-2006 and LT 2004-2006 - based on several bugfixes and  improvements on usability and performance, LayerManager works on all AutoCAD 14-2006 and LT 2000-2006..
since October 2002
Starting with Service Release v4.1d, LayerManager now utilizes our new LTE2000 kernel technology to run inside AutoCAD LT; the former versions LT 97/98 are no longer supported.
Since Publishing our LT-Extender 2000 there is no real need to keep the very similar functionality still maintained in Layermanager - therefore we removed those 'LT-Extending' features with version v4.1d.
since August 2001
Starting with Service Release v4.1a, LayerManager now completly supports AutoCAD LT in all versions. Meanwhile there are a number of  service releases published, providing some bugfixing and minor improvements.
since May 2001
Developing Version v4.2 has started.
March 2001
Version v4.1 is published offering many new and improved features (see "Whats new with version v4.1")

- integrated 3D-Orbit-Viewer
- Template-Technology implemented ("Auto-Structurierung")
- the Working-Layer-Window simplifies working with AutoCAD
- "Layer-History" saves named Layer-Snapshots to the drawing
- Display-Filters allow you to configure the right window panel
- new features to create layergroups and hierarchies
- new functions for handling drawing entities on selected layers, layergroups, hierarchies
- smoother program interface and advanced configuration
- many minor improvements and a lot of fixed bugs !
- integrated printing support including Print-Preview enables you to print left/right window in WYSIWYG mode

September 2000
first Beta version v4.1 is available; the new features are highly appreciated and are working very stabile
January 2000
continuous development and improvement for version v4.0 developing version v4.1 has started
End of 1999
after 1 year of testing the first final release v4.0 for AutoCAD 14/2000 is published
End of 1998
The first Beta version v4.0 is released
End of 1997
complete Re-Design of LayerManager has started - with Windows interfaces and supporting compatibility with old DCL-based versions v3.x
1994 - 1998
After AutoCAD 12 was introduced, "LayerManager" was born as DCL-based AutoCAD-program, initiated by dayly jobs on AutoCAD ... during this time, LayerManager became one of the most powerful Layer-Management-Tool within the AutoCAD-World ... last DCL-based version was version v3.2