What is new with Version v4.1 ?

There are a lot of new and improved features and details with the current version v4.1 - many of them are related and initiated by user feedback and wishes. The most important and interesting new features and improvements are given a shortcut here - of course, all news are explained and described in detail within the online-help and documentation.

New features:

  • Integrated 3D-Orbit-View (only since R2000) ==> alle drawing entities of SELECTED Layers, Groups and Hierarchies are visualized there. So you will get a fast overview on the content of your selection : in hidden, shaded or rendered view
  • Auto-Structure (1) : Setup your own templates for layergroups and hierarchies, and attach these template(s) to your drawing. LayerManager will then automatically (and in background) create layergroups and hierarchies when pre-defined layers/groups are creating. Same applies to hierarchies, when pre-defined layergroups are detected.
  • Auto-Structure (2) : Even existing import-/export-files may be used as Template(-files). Thus Hierarchies and Layergroups are not immediately created. Instead, these imported Hierarchies and Layergroups will be automatically created, if the corresponding layergroups / layers are created inside the drawing (manually or by application).
  • Auto-Structure (3) : You may also assign Template(-files) to prototype (template) drawings. This way, just at the beginnig of work, all your drawings have that "knowledge" to create hierarchies and/or layergroups automatically in the background, without having all corresponding layergroups and/or layers already defined in your drawing.
  • "Display filter" : There is a new "Display Filter" to define / reduce the content of right window panel's displayed list : by hiding unnessecary objects you may speed up navigation, improve clearness and get a faster window refreshing. The Display-Filter also works with all window modes (like "All Layers", "All Groups", "Visible Layers" etc.)
  • "Working-Layer-Windows" : There is a new function under <View> called "Working Layers" - a small window will open, that always contains all layers of all those selected objects (Layers, Groups, Hierarchies) of the current LayerManager's window panel. With a click on one of these "Working Layers" that layer becomes the current drawing layer. This way, a very fast and secure access to a pre-selected layer set is offered, even if the LayerManager window is minimized.
  • "Layer-History" : LayerManager allows you to save any Layer situation to the Layer-History, that is maintained separately for each modelspace / paperspace (layouts). You may step forward and backward through the Layer-History. IMPORTANT: The Layer-History is only related to the layer visibility, layer properties and drawing entities are not effected. The Layer-History is completely saved inside the drawing and is not lost when closing AutoCAD !
  • Create Group/Hierarchy : There is a new method for creating Layergroups and Hierarchies. LAYERGROUP: select any Layers needed for the new Layergroup (in any window panel) and use function "New/Layergroup" from the (context-)menu. A comfortable dialog will open for Layergroup creation. HIERARCHY: select any Layergroups needed for the new Hierarchy (in any window panel) and use function "New/Hierarchy" from the (context-)menu.
  • Drawing entities : There are some new functions related to drawing entities on selected Layers / Groups / Hierarchies : you may set color, linetype, lineweight, plotstyle etc. for these entities on Layers / Groups / Hierarchies to any value of your choice including "ByLayer".
  • Print- and Print-Preview-Functions: Now both LayerManager-Window-Panels may be printed with usual comfort

Improved features:

  • Network-/Multi-User features : LayerManagers Network- and MultiUser handling has improved : All users will get their own, last-used LayerManager settings with all details on EVERY machine in your network - under the a new sub-directory "...\INI" there is a separate directory for each user with all related configuration files.

  • Foreground/Background-Control : LayerManager now offers to save all display sort orders as "Named Orders", separately for Layers, Groups, Hierarchies - You will have different sort orders as many as you need (i.e. separate orders for modelspace and paperspace(s) and layouts) only with some mouseclicks !

  • Reposition Property Columns : (only since R2000) You may change the order for property columns directly by Drag-&-Drop : Simply click to a column header and drag it to the new position : small red arrows will indicate suitable positions to "drop" the column header.

  • Context menus for column headers : There is a new context menu available if you right-click on a column header : there are functions given to automatically fit current / all column(s) to optimum width, and functions to sort and hide columns.

  • Display Updates (1) : If the right/lower window panel is configured to mode "Dependent Layergroups" or "Dependent Layer", you can position the mouse pinter over an object within the left/upper window panel, and the contents of pointed object is displayed in the right/lower window panel immediately.

  • Display Updates (2) : By improvements related to routines for build-up and refreshing of right window panel there is considerable speedup of the display. Especially when displaying very large lists and when sorting the display by columns, the new improvements will take effects.

  • Display : Now LayerManager supports complete textfont selection including text color for both the left and right window panel; additionally, under "Preferences/Advanced" you may optionally define Layergroups and Hierarchies to be displayed with Bold textfont and also withseparate text color

  • Drag & Drop is smoother now : If you use Drag selected objects into the left/upper window, you may open the LayerGroup/Hierarchy under the mouse pointer by pressing CTRL-key; additionally, using the SHIFT-key will close that LayerGroup/Hierarchy again; Please refer to <Configuration> and activate the Drag&Drop option with CTRL/SHIFT

  • Advanced ToolTips : There is a new ToolTip implemented : normally the short ToolTip text inside dialogs and menus is displayed - but there is also a more detailled information available : in this case a small black arrow is displayed at the right side of the ToolTip window. Simply move the mouse pointer into the ToolTip window, and detailled information is shown.

  • Handling Windows and Dialogs : By improved handling, all LayerManager-Windows, -Dialogs and -ToolBars are completely saved and restored now : the complete "Layout" of all components is saved and restored, even the "minimzed icon" position is restored (after using "Minimize" from the title's menu).

Additionally, much efforts were taken to improve LayerManager's stability - all known bugs has been fixed.
For example, the internal "crash-protection" has been improved.

pictures & screen shots to the download area of version v4.1