What is the LayerManager - Overview

With "LayerManager Professional" for AutoCAD R14 and AutoCAD 2000-2006 you are using the most outstanding and powerful tool-software, which guides you to a new and modern way of LayerManagement. By combining many very efficient, extended layer functions with the comfort of Windows Explorers as well as the large number of funny details and solutions, completely new possibilities for handling layers and your entire drawing are given into your hands. A comfortable online assistance supports you with all procedures and describes all program features very detailed.

The users will take profits by this software in multiple ways :
Apart from clearly advanced working comfort the "LayerManager Professional" ensures substantial saving of time and selection security while handling layers, as well as the possibility to handle hundreds of layers with only a few mouseclicks. Even most complex Layer systems with often encrypted layernames remain always readable and identifiable by the means of extended description texts.

Engaged AutoCAD users know the problem since many years - if the drawing's design is structured tidy, then the user, after shortest time, stands opposite of an endless number of layers which are manually (nearly) no more to be controlled - remedy offer the new LayerManager "LaymanPro" by summarizing logically matching layers in groups and hierarchies, which can be arbitrarily deep and complex. All layers and groups may be contained in arbitrary structures, also repeated, and possess a description text, which is displayed permanently in the status line or as ToolTip.

Order is only the half life...
Layergroups do not only improve clarity of the design - they also offer possibilities for the fast, safe layercontrol. "LaymanPro" unfolds its special power in the use of these objects: more than one dozen of special functions bring a clear effectiveness gain to the user. For this rank the "Display" function to "leaf" through the drawing to make possible the analysis of foreign drawings and for a fast layer viewing. From the drawing entities of layers and groups, selection sets and WBlocks drawings could be provided. The "Copy/Clone" functions allow copying of the layers inclusive layer properties and -entities. If objects are marked, then the contained drawing entities can be displayed or shifted into the foreground/background.
For the documentation of your drawing, freely configurable layer listing files can be saved. Provided structures are exchanged with the import/export functions between the drawings or transferred (only R2000-2006) easily by drag & drop. The power spectrum is rounded off by the "LayerTools": these functions will drive the layers by reference entities from the drawing. In particular also the controlling of not-selected layers and "Restoring" of previous layerstates are possible.

No hurdle: Paperspace, Blocks and Xrefs:
Special abilities are offered when working with the paperspace. "LaymanPro" intercepts the differences of layer management between modelspace and paperspace completely, so that the user will always find the same layer handling functions. One highlight is the separation of the modelspace and paperspace layers: if the user switches between both spaces, all layers are adapted to the current space automatically and the last
Layersituation is restored again, if necessary. In the case of several Viewports, all operations are to be executed simultaneously in several, freely selectable viewports, so all the paperspace viewports could be established very fast, safe and elegantly. XRefs and blocks are automatically analyzed by "LaymanPro"; all contained layergroups and hierarchies are available immediately.

Some Extras: intelligent window management:
As Windows program using the Explorer design, "LaymanPro" uses all usual standards. Vertically or horizontally splitted windows, free choice of textfonts, ToolTips, Drag&Drop, context menus belong to it like dockable menubar and ToolBars as well as a dockable status line and searchbar. For harmony with AutoCAD an intelligent window management is provided. Thus the program window remains permanently visible. Applications such as MAP R3 or MD use project windows, which dock themselves at AutoCAD. Therefore the effective working area in your drawing reduces drastically. Here the LayerManager shows up more intelligent: if the mousepointer is inside the AutoCAD window, the LayerManager window rools up to the titlebar and needs (nearly) no more place.

AutoCAD 2000 : all Highlights are completely integrated:
All innovations of release 2000 are completely and compatibly integrated in the LayerManager - including complete MDE support; with LaymanPro you may control even the inactive drawings in the background. With drag&drop between LayerManager windows you can simply transfer complete LayerManager structures within a few seconds and adjust layers, layergroups and hierarchies completely.