Overview on most important features:

  • Combining layers to into layergroups
  • Combining layergroups into (tree-like) hierarchies
  • Optionally, layers, layergroups and hierarchies may be extended with describtion texts
  • All AutoCAD layer operations are also available for layergroups and hierarchies
  • Optionally, layergroups and hierarchies may use ist own VIEW and UCS
  • Technology Highlight: Modellspace and Paperspace are completely independent; when switching between spaces, LayerManager will restore all layers to the last state, even automatically !
  • Automatic detection and usage of XREFs and Blocks; all contained LayerManager-Data, i.e. layers, layergroups, hierarchies within XREFs and Blocks are available immediately
  • Within paperspace, all layers, layergroups, and hierarchies may be controlled in any, freely selectable viewports, even simultaneously
  • Display/Highlight function for a fast visual view onto entities of layers, layergroups and hierarchies
  • Complete, saveable Foreground-/Background control with layers, layergroups and hierarchies
  • complete drag&drop abilities between all LayerManager windows and between drawings
  • WBlock function for saving drawing entities of layers, layergroups and hierarchies
  • Creating selection sets with entities of layers, layergroups and hierarchies for later use in AutoCAD
  • Copy and Clone functions with optional copying drawing entities of layers, layergroups and hierarchies
  • Search function: Locate layers, layergroups and hierarchies by describing characteristics
  • Filter function to reduce the object lists for layers, layergroups and hierarchies
  • Special import/export functions to transfer LayerManager structures between drawings
  • Integrated "LayerTools" for controlling drawing layers by reference entities
  • "SnapShot" function to save the current layers constellation into a freely selectable text file; "SnapShots" could be loaded and restored as desired; also within paperspace and within viewports
  • Saving layer listing files with freely selectable layer properties (status, color, linetype, visibility) with layer, layergroups and hierarchies
  • All usual functions for administration of layers, layergroups and hierarchies such as a copying, cloning, renaming, deletion, moving etc. are available
  • Complete and compatible support of "Multiple Document Environment" in AutoCAD 2000 is integrated, like Drag&Drop with LayerManager data between different drawing
  • Any drawing may be attached and fixed to a LayerManager window in AutoCAD 2000
  • Simple installation; automatic program load & run at AutoCAD startup may be defined in program options
and many, many more ...

Configuring user interface:

As a windows program based on the Windows-Explorer design, LayerManager offers all usual and many special features to configure the program interface to your needs. All window positons are saved and restored automatically.